Custom Size Chart – Shopify

Create a custom size chart for a specific Shopify product. Create a page with the size chart you intend to use for the product. Copy the url for that page which can be found down below under “Edit Website SEO”. Should look something like this – chic-eco-pullover Go back to the product you want to […]

Shopify Brooklyn Theme Add To Cart Pixel Not Firing

Go to theme.js.liquid file and look line 876 for : itemAddedCallback = function() { Then just add this line right after : fbq(‘track’, ‘AddToCart’); It should look like this: itemAddedCallback = function() { fbq(‘track’, ‘AddToCart’);

Shopify Collection – Specify Recommended Products

Create the new collection and make note of the collection’s handle. The collection’s handle can be seen by clicking ‘Edit Website SEO‘ within the collection itself. Then, go back to your product and add a new tag that specifies the collection’s handle:meta-related-collection-handle-name So in this example, since the collection handle is featured-products, so in our example product: […]

2020 Instafeed for Shopify

1. Install Instafeed LINK TO INSTAFEED INSTALL 2. Connect Instagram Account Connect with a Facebook account 1) Access the Instafeed app2) Click the button “Connect an Instagram Account”3) Login using your Facebook account4) Choose the Facebook page associated with the Instagram account you want to use to display your feed (from the dropdown menu)5) Save your […]

2020 – Shopify Turn UPS Expedited Shipping On Off

Add UPS Expedited Shipping Select “Settings” lower left corner Select “Shipping” Select “Manage Rates” Choose what section you want to add Expedited Shipping… Select “Add Rate” Select “Use carrier or app to connect calculated rates” Select “Advanced Shipping Rules” dropdown, and then select “UPS (Discounted rates for Shopify Shopping) Select ” UPS 2nd day”, UPS […]